Adding floral beauty to this Barcelona wedding!

Adding floral beauty to this Barcelona wedding!

My story begins in Middle School. After school most days, I went to the youth center, which was in the same building as our town library.   After finishing my homework, I would spend afternoons nestled in a mahogany chair, blissfully paging through bridal magazines.  I was obsessed with the perfect images that lay before me: a decadent variety of white fabrics, an exotic location, and a couple in love... how romantic! A true girly girl at heart, those pages totally captured my imagination.

Fast forward to the present, and I now know the intense "behind the scenes" that went into those images.  At an actual wedding, there are professionals to help you with hair and makeup, but not with the family squabbles, vendor stress, and zipping into a dress.  You might ask, "are veils still a thing?" or "does my mother in law have to get ready with me?" or "what in the world is a french bustle?!" Rest assured, these are all valid questions.  All this wedding business is a little foreign, a little nuts, and everyone has an opinion.  

I will be your Switzerland, a neutral party to listen, give advice, and keep the peace between everyone.   Friends, family and coworkers have commended my people skills, organization, confidence, and fun personality.  I can help you create the fantasy in those images, while balancing the behind the scenes... because while magazines will always be there to inspire us, it's real life that tells the story, and I'd be honored to help you create yours.

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